Apple Mac Pro 8 Core

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Experience the perfection: Renewed Apple Mac Pro Intel Xeon X5

High performance meets stylish design

Welcome to the world of limitless creativity and performance. The renewed Apple Mac Pro with Intel Xeon X5 processor is not just a computer - it is a masterpiece of technology, created for professionals who strive for top performances. Immerse yourself in the impressive combination of strength, speed and elegance that will revolutionize your way of working.

Incredible performance thanks to Intel Xeon X5

In the heart of this Mac Pro, a mighty Intel Xeon X5 8-core processor. With a clock frequency, which even the most demanding applications dealt with effortlessly, this processor is created to offer you a liquid and reaction -fast performance. Whether you carry out complex 3D renderings, edit high-resolution videos or operate several virtual machines at the same time-the Mac Pro delivers the necessary performance to bring your projects to life.

Outstanding speed at 32 GB DDR3 RAM

Multitasking has never been so easy. With 32 GB DDR3 RAM, this MAC offers enough capacity to efficiently manage even the most memory -intensive applications and workloads. Change effortlessly between different programs, load large files in a fraction of a second and enjoy a seamless user experience that maximizes your productivity.

Lightning -fast 512 GB flash memory

Storage space and speed are crucial for a smooth working environment. With 512 GB flash memory, the Mac Pro not only offers enough space for all your important files, but also rapidly fast reading and writing speeds. Start your system and applications in record time, immediately access your data and enjoy a work experience without waiting times.

Graphical excellence with AMD Firepro D500

For professionals who specialize in graphically intensive tasks, the Mac Pro is the ultimate choice. Equipped with the AMD Firepro D500 graphics card with 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM, this computer delivers a breathtaking graphic performance. Whether you carry out professional video or image processing, use CAD programs or create high-resolution 3D models-the AMD Firepro D500 ensures that every detail is razor-sharp and every animation is presented smoothly.

Elegance meets functionality

The Mac Pro is not only a technical miracle, but also a masterpiece of the design. Its compact and elegant cylinder shape factor is an eye-catcher on every desk and at the same time offers efficient cooling and noise reduction. With a height of only 25 cm and a diameter of 16.7 cm, it occupies minimal place and integrates seamlessly into any professional work environment.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

By buying a renewed Mac Pro, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and support sustainable practices. Each device is carefully checked, cleaned and tested to ensure that it corresponds to the highest quality standards. You will receive a powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly product that is ready to realize your creative visions.


The renewed Apple Mac Pro with Intel Xeon X5 8-Core processor, 32 GB DDR3 RAM, 512 GB Flash Speicher and AMD Firepro D500 graphics card is the ultimate choice for professionals who strive for top performance. Experience unprecedented performance, impressive speed and breathtaking graphics in an elegant, compact design. Become part of the Apple Revolution and bring your projects to the next level - with a renewed Mac Pro that combines performance, style and sustainability.

Add and secure this masterpiece of technology at an unbeatable price! Your creative future begins now.

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