Apple MacPro CSX RAM 667 DDR2 FB-Dimm 4x2 GB

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Apple MacPro CSX RAM 667 DDR2 FB-Dimm

4x2 GB

Expand your Apple Mac Pro RAM with this CSX RAM. Consisting four modules, each with 2 GB capacity, it offers a total capacity of 8 GB and a bus speed of PC2-5400 (DDR2-667). The DDR2 FB-Dimm SDRAM KIT is specially designed for use in a Mac Pro and has the right form factor. These are used modules, which are in good condition and have no defects. With this memory kit you can significantly improve your Mac Pro performance and also carry out more demanding applications and programs without any problems. The CSX brand stands for quality and reliability, so you can rely on the fact that you get a high -quality product. The FB-DIMM format enables efficient cooling, which ensures the stability of the system.


The articles were cleaned and tested, they are in extraordinarily good condition.

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