Apple SuperDrive A1379 CD/DVD drive

Sale price€59,99 EUR


The Apple SuperDrive

Get the high -quality and reliable refurbished Apple Superdrive at an unbeatable price now! The Apple SuperDrive is the perfect addition to your Mac to play or burn CDs and DVDs.

With the refurbished Apple SuperDrive you get the same quality and performance as with a brand new device, but at a significantly cheaper price. Each refurbished device has been thoroughly checked, cleaned and tested to ensure that it works perfectly.

The Apple SuperDrive is ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy their media content on CDs or DVDs. Whether films, music, software or backup copies - with the Apple SuperDrive you can play or burn your media conveniently and easily.

The refurbished Apple SuperDrive is easy to use and offers a quick and reliable performance. Simply connect it to your Mac via the USB connection and you can get started. The compact and light design also makes the SuperDrive ideal for on the go.

Benefit from the advantages of a refurbished Apple SuperDrive and save money. Order today and enjoy the high quality and performance that Apple products offer.

Note: Since it is a refurbished device, the appearance can have slight signs of wear. However, the functionality and performance of the device are flawless.

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