Lancom Advanced VPN Client Mac

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Advanced VPN Client Mac 1 Licence

Lancom Advanced VPN Client - license - 1 user - Mac - English, German

• High -proof, encrypted company access on the go
• Integrated Status Inspection Firewall
• Prioritization of Voice Over IP
• IPSec over https* for VPN compounds where standard IPSEC VPN is prevented
• For Mac OS 10.5 Leopard (Intel), Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS 10.7 Lion (from VPN Client version 2.02)

With the integrated installation assistants, VPN integration is easy and quick. Various profiles are available for dialing. If there is no LAN or WLAN access, the client also takes over the dial-in control for analog or DSL modems, ISDN, GPRSoder UMTS tickets. In conjunction with the Dynamic DNS function of the Lancom VPN gateways, VPN selection access to standard DSL connections with dynamic IP address can also be used. With the Lancom User Management and the LANMONICTE, larger installation can also be administered and monitored centrally.

Its diverse possibilities make the Lancom Advanced VPN client the ideal mobile companion for business travelers: from 0190 dialer protection, the automatic channel bundling to various start options, which can also integrate the client directly into the operating system start into the Windows login. The automatic connection control offers extensive cost control functions and at any time a current overview of fees, online times and transfer volumes. Suitable rollout tools can optionally be made available for large installations.

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