RAM 32 GB 1RX4 PC4-2933Y ECC RAM MACPRO 2019

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MacPro 32 GB Kit 2x 16 GB RAM ECC

The 32GB 1RX4 PC4-2933Y ECC RAM is an excellent choice for your Mac Pro 2019. This RAM was specially developed to maximize the performance of your Mac Pro and to enable you to work smoothly and efficiently.

With 32GB capacity, this RAM offers enough space for all your applications and data. Whether you edit complex graphic design projects, process large amounts of data or carry out several applications at the same time - this RAM has grown.

The 1RX4 PC4-2933Y ECC RAM also offers a high data rate of 2933 MHz. This means that your applications are loaded and executed faster, which leads to an overall improved system output.

In addition, this RAM has ECC (Error Correction Code). This technology automatically recognizes and corrects data errors that can occur during data transmission. This helps to increase the reliability of your system and prevent data loss.

In summary, the 32 GB 1RX4 PC4-2933Y ECC RAM is an excellent investment in the performance of your Mac Pro 2019. It not only offers an impressive capacity and speed, but also increased reliability through ECC technology. Increase your Mac Pro 2019 performance with this high -quality RAM.

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