Western Digital Red 4 TB 3.5 "internal hard drive

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Western Digital Red 4 TB, 3.5 "hard drive.

Sure, here is a sales text for a renewed internal hard drive:

Discover the perfect solution to increase your computer's performance and capacity without spending assets! Our renewed internal hard drive offers you first -class reliability and extended storage options at a fraction of the price of a new hard drive.

**Key Features:**

- ** Freshly renewed: ** This internal hard drive has been professionally overhauled and tested to ensure that it works as new. You can rely on a perfect performance.

- ** Fast data transmission: ** With modern technology, this hard drive offers quick reading and writing speeds to improve the response time of your computer.

- ** Generous capacity: ** With a storage capacity of [4] terabytes you have enough space to save your files, applications and games without compromising in performance.

- **Easy installation:** The installation is child's play. Connect the hard drive and benefit immediately from additional storage space and speed.

- ** Environmentally friendly choice: ** By buying a renewed hard drive, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and protect the environment.

Do not miss the opportunity to increase your computer's performance and save money at the same time. With our renewed internal hard drive you get top quality at an unbeatable price.

Now strike and upgrade your computer to save more and work faster!

- Manufacturer: Western Digital
- Model:WD40Fax
- Nasware:3.0 NX HA500
- Storage capacity: 4 TB
- Interface: SATA III 6GB/S
- Cache: 256 MB
- Review speed: 5400 RPM
- Form factor: 3,5"
- WD Red (NAS HDD - 24/7)

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